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» Enamel PF-266 (Enamel PF-266)
» Acrylstyrene organic dilutable paint (Acrylstyrene organic dilutable paint "DX-schyt")
» Acrylstyrene facade priming (Acrylstyrene facade priming)
» “DH-kora” (Acryl-styrene organic dilutable paint for structural and galvanized steel “DH-kora”)
» "DH-klesch" (Acrylstyrene organic dilutable chemically resistant paint "DH - klesch" )
» Priming GF-021 (Priming GF-021)
» Acrylstyrene priming-hermetic (Acrylstyrene priming-hermetic for the concrete)
» Acrylstyrene anticorrosive (Acrylstyrene anticorrosive priming)
» Priming for consolidation of concrete (Acrylstyrene priming for the consolidation of the concrete )
» DH-Facade (Acrylstyrene organic dilutable paint "DH-Facade")
» Paint for marking of the roadway (Paint for marking of the roadway)
» DH-Penguin (Acrylstyrene anticorrosive priming "DH-Penguin")
» Paste bituminous-polymeric (Paste bituminous-polymeric)
» Enamel PF-115 (Enamel PF-115)
» DH-Krovlya (Acrylstyrene organic dilutable paint "DH-Krovlya")


Description: PF -266 is the suspension of pigments in the mixture of alkyd varnishes with the addition of siccative and solvents
Field of application: It is intended for coating of the painted and not colored wooden floors over the preliminarily prepared surface.
Methods of putting: brush, the roller
Colour: red-brown, yellow-brown
Form of  delivery: jars on 0,9kg and 2,8 kg of industrial container - drums - 50 liters

General technical characteristics

The exterior view of the film

Uniform flat film without the stratification, the foreign inclusions, the craters is formed after drying

The luster of film on the photoelectric glossimeter BF-2, not less


Relative viscosity on VZ-4
at temperature (20+0,5) 0 C, not less


Degree of grinding, mkm


Time of drying with temperature 20 + 2 0C, h


Resistance of film to the static action of the cleaning agent when (+ 40 + 2) 0C, not less


Expenditure with the thickness of dry film 25 - 30 mkm

150 - 180 gr on 1 mkm 2


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